[jdev] checking MY presence

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Tue Oct 24 14:20:38 CDT 2006

On 10/19/06, WL Gardner <wgardner at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have a Jabber based app that I wrote (using XIFF - a code library for
> Flash). The problem is that I sometimes get disconnected. My app thinks it
> is connected, but the server software I am using does not show the user I am
> connected as is connected. [...]

You need to implement keepalives.
Just flush a whitespace down the wire every bit of idle time. It's out
of stanza so meaningless, but keeps the TCP connection alive.

Alternatively you may "IQ-ping" your server- for example ask jabber:iq:time.


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