[jdev] MUC through IRC

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Oct 25 10:04:27 CDT 2006

Magnus Henoch wrote:
> Sometimes the idea to move a discussion channel from IRC to XMPP MUC
> is brought up, but fails for social and technical reasons: there are
> more people who know how to use an IRC client than an XMPP client, and
> IRC clients (and servers) are (allegedly) much better at handling
> heavy use of such channels.  The Jabberites thus start using an IRC
> transport, and everything is calm again.
> However, I thought it would be interesting to do it the other way
> around, so I hacked together an IRC interface to ejabberd.  Point your
> IRC client to basil.cd.chalmers.se and join #talks, to see how it
> looks.

What if a irc user is in two channels, e.g. #talks and #talks2, each of
which has a member "foo" (in jabber terms: talks at conference/foo, 
talks2 at conference/foo). Now the user clicks (or uses tab completion)
to start a query with "foo" in one of the channels and sends a private
Just displaying the "room nick" does not work, because this is a concept
which irc does not have.

On the other hand, irc users will complain that the nicknames are too
long if you display full JIDs instead of nicknames only. And just wait
until they start complaining about long channel names ;-)

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