[jdev] Re: MUC through IRC

Philipp Hancke fippo at goodadvice.pages.de
Wed Oct 25 10:51:01 CDT 2006

Magnus Henoch wrote:
> Indeed.  I "solved" this by silently dropping private messages.
> I don't know much of the IRC protocol beyond what's in RFC 1459.  Is
> there any way of abusing extending user specifications to achieve
> something like this?

Even though iirc the ABNF in 1459 "forbids" it, you may use "@" in
nicks, unless you're expecting lots of people with irssi <= 0.8.9.

The 'best' encoding of a JID user at host/res to the irc prefix is
user at host!user at host or - what you need in muc - user at host/res!user at host.
Both are clickable and usable with tab-completion... but tend to occupy
more than 50% of the screen :-(

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