[jdev] MUC through IRC

Carlo v. Loesch CvL at mail.symlynX.com
Sat Oct 28 04:47:31 CDT 2006

Norman Rasmussen typeth:
| How do we get freenode (hyperion-ircd) and oftc (oftc-hybrid) to do
| this yesterday?

The only person I knew at freenode has left us, so
all I do is let you know this thing is available and
if any administrations want to look into this, send
them to me and we'll get this thing working...

Brasnet is probably going to be the first IRCnet
with full PSYC/Jabber peering - we're working on
that now.

Funny, I just realized that the next version will
effectively also allow to talk from the IRCnet to
ICQ MSN etc through Jabber transports. Amazing
effects of synergy - all it takes is some glue
between worlds.

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