[jdev] Re: forum for jabber

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Tue Sep 12 14:38:05 CDT 2006

Sander Devrieze wrote:

> <snip daily mailing list digest>
> Mailing lists are extremely[*] efficient if you use good e-mail software. Next 
> features might help:
> * A mail client that automatically groups threads
> * A mail client that automatically detects mailing lists
> * A mail client with which you can "Reply to List"
> * A mail client that automatically moves mailing list post to a separate mail 
> folder
> * A client that is quote-friendly (default to underquoting, using different 
> colours to mark quotes, no HTML)
> * A client that is reply-friendly
> * An IMAP server is also *very* useful
> I see that you're using Outlook, I've no experience with Outlook. But ages 
> ago, I used to use Outlook Express (Windows 98 era). If Outlook didn't got 
> better, I'm afraid that it do not support any of the above features (very 
> well). Personally, I love KMail.
> [*] In fact, I believe that good configured e-mail software is much more 
> efficient than any forum, and currently there is no better Jabber-based 
> alternative yet :-)

i use all jabber mailing lists over NNTP only with thunderdird. This 
works also very well.


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