[jdev] Re: Video gateway

Frank van Schie fvschie at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 09:03:42 CDT 2006

Peter Saint-Andre schreef:
> Sivan Porat wrote:
>>I understand that there is a spec going on for video chats. Is there a
>>plan to provide also video gateways to enable video chats with other
>>IMs, such as AIM and ICQ?
> Probably not until AIM, ICQ, MSN, and Yahoo use open standards for voice
> and video (such as RTP). Don't hold your breath.

As far as I am aware, MSN uses SIP+RTP (with some pre-signalling on the 
MSN network to get the IP address required). Yahoo does, as well. I 
might be wrong on the RTP part, but signalling is pretty definitely SIP, 
but for video and audio.

On that note, and off-topic, but because there might be some 
likewise-interested folks hanging around here: has anyone, recently, 
gotten VoIP sessions with third-party software and MS' messenger to 
work? Any good pointers in this regard? Or is it dead simple and should 
it really just work with open (SIP+RTP) standards? I have not yet tried 
to manually do this, and would like to know if there are any big hurdles...


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