[jdev] Re: Best way to monitor XMPP servers

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Wed Sep 20 02:08:25 CDT 2006

Hi Tobias,

Tobias Markmann wrote:
> That sounds okay for me. Even if the problem is similar in my eyes to 
> i.e. Google's caching feature since I don't believe they ask all 
> webmaster whether they are allowed to mirror their pages or not. I'll 
> also extend the monitoring part to keep the accounts vCard with up to 
> date information what the bot is doing and a JID of mine. So they 
> contact me and I'll keep them out of the monitoring program and for new 
> accounts I'll ask before.

I agree that it's common in the internet that services monitor or cache 
other services and also publish the results to the public. But this 
doesn't mean that it's correct.

I would extend the drupal module so that a server admin has to create an 
account for your monitoring project and agree your terms of service.
The admin could decide then which services will be monitored and also 
specify an account+password which you can use for c2s monitoring.


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