[jdev] Suspending and resuming presence

JD Conley jd.conley at coversant.net
Thu Sep 21 12:15:28 CDT 2006

Well, we chose to solve this problem with a SOAP Web Service that
maintains state for mobile users and provides an abstracted object model
to the XMPP session. The web service will keep your session to the
server active and queue your contact list changes until you request
them. The same goes for messages. This also lets you have a lighter
stack that is quite likely already on the device (HTTP/SOAP).


If you're interested shoot me an email off list and I'll get you setup
with the latest build.




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During an active session, is there a way to suspend/resume presence? I
am interested in letting the jabber server know that I am currently not
interested in receiving presence information - so don't send me
information when my buddies status changes. This is for a wireless
device, and if I have the app in the background, I don't want to waste
battery/keep the datachannel active.


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