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Sun Sep 24 15:39:53 CDT 2006

>Remko Troncon <remko at el-tramo.be> wrote:
>Well, if you stop polling when going into suspend, and you have a  
>smart polling daemon that accumulates presences between polls, then  
>you have the suspend/resume presence, don't you?

Perhaps not quite in the same sense.  The smart polling that I mentioned has do with the bursty nature of  IM traffic. (The likelyhood of a message following another is higher than not in IM). So if you ordinarily poll at, say 60 seconds, and on a particular polling cycle you find that there is a message payload (or if you initiate a message from the client) then you can speed up your polling to , say 5 seconds, and then exponentially backoff to 60 seconds on each subsequent miss.  If the payload was only a presence update, then you dont speed up.
This strategy can be implemented with any client that is processing xmpp on the client side.

It is certainly possible to suspend/resume if you have a server side queueing proxy which is smart enough to provide a cumulative view, and you then use your client to simply display the state maintained on the proxy.  If you use a proxy, then several other enhancements to battery life are possible.

 > If using http polling and modulating your polling frequency based  
> on whether inbound traffic is presence or message - you may wish to  
> not speed up polling if inbound is just presence updates. This will  
> save battery life.

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