[jdev] Python library!?!?!?!!?!

Francisco Boato francisco.boato at respaldum.com
Thu Apr 12 15:44:49 CDT 2007

Hello i'm trying to develop a multi-plataform jabber client with python 
and my doubt is What library should i use????
First of all let mention all the jabber library: (if anybody knows any 
other python library please let me know)
Twisted words.
In order to start lets discard jabber.py because it has been discontiuated.
The next discard will be xmpppy because its GPL license (I cannot make a 
commercial application).
So on it was easy. The next library discarted will be PyXMPP because i 
need OpenSLL library. And this library has some patented algorithms 
(idea, rc5 and mdc2).  There is a posibility to recompile all the 
library using a "./config no-idea no-mdc2 no-rc5" option but I prefer 
not to recompile the hole library.
The last posibility is Twisted Words but I'm having some troubles to 
make it work (besides there is no examples)

Finally there is a new library under devolpment called "SleekXMPP" that 
has a real nice appearence but i cannot say anything else. Does anybody 
knows something else about this library????

At last i'll really appreciate if anyone who is developing with python 
has some advice to give me about the library that i should choose to 
develop my app
Thanks in advance. Francisco

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