[jdev] About the authreg table in Jabberd 2

Nahuel ANGELINETTI nahuel at develog.com
Fri Apr 20 10:24:29 CDT 2007

Le Fri, 20 Apr 2007 14:29:07 +0200,
Matthias Wimmer <m at tthias.eu> a écrit :

> Nahuel ANGELINETTI schrieb:
> > i'm looking for information how is calculated the hash in the
> > authreg table, and how it's generated the token.
> > I'm not really familiar with C, i do not understand all.
> > Can you help me ?
> Hash and sequence are only needed for a very old authentication 
> mechanism (jabber:iq:auth:0k). This authentication mechanism is not 
> really needed and therefor you can just fill these fields with NULL.

Are you sure ? because, the field password is non crypted...
and i'm migrating some db from another server, and my users can't
connect with only uncrypted password + realm + username... 
does it exist some doc about what is needed inside the database to
create an user ?


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