[jdev] Which open-source Jabber client is best to develop?

Tran Thai Son tofoneo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 02:50:45 CDT 2007

Hi everybody,

I am looking for light-weight, well-implemented, scalable and
well-documented open-source Jabber client as the basis to develop a new
client to my organization. Could you please tell me from your experience
that which is the good start? Your experienced suggestions are great helps
to me.
What I expect is a client written in C/C++/Java which is modularized and
well-documented. But it seems to me that most open-source clients provide
very little support for external developers. The source-codes are really
hard to read, especially with well-known and reach-featured clients.
Also, anyone who is interested are warmly welcome to discuss.

Thank you very much

Son Tran
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