[jdev] Beep Beta Release...

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Wed Apr 25 12:13:43 CDT 2007

Hi Dave!

Dave Cridland schrieb:
> One bit of probably unwelcome feedback is that the name is very 
> confusing - if I'd not seen it here, I'd have thought the protocol it 
> implemented was BEEP, not XMPP. Naming your implementation of one 
> asynchronous protocol carrying a payload of XML after another 
> asynchronous protocl usually used with a payload of XML is not a 
> terribly good idea, IMHO.

Same here ... but as I already commented on this when this project first 
announced their existence on this list, I did not repost again, that I 
consider this name to be very confusing.


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