[jdev] Openfire JSTUN problem

4 chjh31 at tom.com
Sun Aug 12 22:57:15 CDT 2007

Dear all,
     I am now encountering a problem, that is:

     I deployed the Openfire server(version 3.2.2) in the Internet, which has two public IP addresses, then I deployed two JingleDemo clients in two different private networks, both are behind a NAT device. I want to test the P2P phone call work between the two Jingledemo clients, whenever I set the Openfire configuration with the Media proxy and the STUN start or not, the two clients can never establish the communication. I analysed the dug information which shows that the STUN start or not has no effect, it just shows the Media proxy information, STUN seems never work? 
     Any responce information is hoped, and Thanks in advance.

     Best regards,


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