[jdev] mirroring many presence servers

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Wed Aug 15 03:19:11 CDT 2007


I have the following scenario in my student project. Which solution would 
you propose?

I have many business partners "B", "C" and "D", each of them has his own 
presence server "PB", "PC" and "PD".

I need in my organisation "A" a presence service "PA", who "mirros" the 
actual status of all the users on PB, PC and PD, to whom I subscribed. 

I know, that I could implement my presence service PA as a client, who 
subscribes to all the users on PB, PC and PD. What I am asking for: is 
there an other solution? 

1. Can I be on the one hand a client of the servers PB, PC, PD, and on the 
other hand a "server" for other applications/clients/servers.

2. Can I say to the other servers PB, PC and PD "hey, I am a presence 
server (and not a client), would you please send me each change of the 
status of my users, to whom I subscribed".

3. Can I make benefit of the s2s protocol in my scenario?

You can say: What I want to have, is a local presence service in my 
organisation, who localy mirros many others presence servers of other 
partners. How would be your solution?

Thank you for your help and your patience.
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