[jdev] How about that?

Jonathan Dickinson chayce.za at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 09:19:32 CDT 2007

Hey People,

No doubt most of you read 
<http://www.xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0132.html>, (POKE). Fairly odd, 
somebody actually wants it 
<http://forums.pandion.be/viewtopic.php?t=2750> (calling it 'Jab'). 
Along the lines of the poking that occurs on Facebook (and drove me to 
eventually hate the website).

I just thought it was funny that a humorous XEP is now in demand. We 
should be careful what we conceive because soon our clients will be 
filling up with 2 million pokes (or licks) from people with nothing 
better to do... I am grateful, at least, that the standard requires a 
subscription, I wouldn't want strangers licking me (or even people I 
know, for that matter).

  Jonathan Dickinson

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