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Fri Aug 17 03:50:36 CDT 2007

Hi Jonathan,

I will explain the situation ( in my student project):

"My" Company A has many partner companies (say many thousands) and each 
partner company has many tausend employees.
Each partner company has a presence server, the clients are the employees. 
those employees/clients are my business parterns.

For many business processes in my company I need purpose cooperation the 
presence information of the employees of my partner companies, aka. the 
clients of their presence servers.

Because I have many different business processes in my company that need 
the presence information of each my business partners, it will be more 
efficient, when I have in my company a Database with the actual presence 
information of the business partners.

At least these 3 scenarios are theoretically possible:

1. I have a "special" client, that is subscribed to all my business 
partners. So I can write a program, who cathes the presence information 
from my special client and saves it in my database.

2. I have a "special presence server", who gets the presence information 
directly from the presence servers of my partner companies und saves it in 
my database. 

3. I write a special server extension to each presence server type of my 
partner companies. this extension "logs" the presence information of my 
business parterns and sends it my database.

Maybe there are other possible scenarios. But which ones of those 3 
scenarios are possible in practice. Is there another possible scenarios 
other than mine.

summarization: Say Yahoo and Google are my bussiness partners. I need in my 
company a Database with the actual presence information of their users.

Thank you in Advance for your Effort.
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