[jdev] mirroring many presence servers

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Fri Aug 17 04:06:10 CDT 2007

cherami at gmx.de schrieb:
> 1. I have a "special" client, that is subscribed to all my business 
> partners. So I can write a program, who cathes the presence information 
> from my special client and saves it in my database.
this works and is the only solutions which will work if you also have to 
get the precence of contacts which are on a server wich does not run 
your server software (eg. Google)

> 2. I have a "special presence server", who gets the presence information 
> directly from the presence servers of my partner companies und saves it 
> in my database.
a server will not give you the precence until you are subscribed. Which 
means that this model will not work or is a bot at the end which is the 
same as 1

> 3. I write a special server extension to each presence server type of my 
> partner companies. this extension "logs" the presence information of my 
> business parterns and sends it my database. 
yes this is what be suggested before.


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