[jdev] Extension field types for jabber:x:data

Richard Smith richard at indigo3.net
Mon Dec 3 02:34:36 CST 2007

Hi guys,

I've spent a sad weekend lounging around the XEPs looking for a possible
solution to a niggle I've got.

Basically, I'm in the process of writing an client/server suite that
implements a sort of MVC architecture over XMPP.

In terms of the suite, XMPP makes sense for me since it handles the
point to point nicely, authentication and discovery... All I really need
to concentrate on are the specifics of my application server environment
without faffing around with a new protocol suite (isn't re-use nice).

I would ideally love to stick to existing XEPs that are in play or
proposed now.

While there is an XEP in the process for validation of form data
[XEP-0122] and presentation/layout at client side [XEP-0141], there is a
definite lack of useful field types in terms of my application for Data
Forms at the presentation layer.

I suppose an example might help explain:

One thing I need to communicate to my client is specific widget types. I
have fields within views in my application that need to reference models
and as such need a specific type of widget displayed on the form for
this purpose.

Over the wire, the data will be transmitted as an integer or some other
field type, however to the end-user, being able to display a widget
which has a search button next to it, which executes a different form,
will be of value.

Additionally, there are other nuances that I would like to handle like
opening another window/dialogue etc.

So my questions is thus:

Is there an XEP I'm missed that defines a protocol in this regard?

If not, would it be worth me submitting any protocol implementation that
I come up with, or would this not fall under the pervue of XEPs and be
more of a custom protocol?

Kind regards


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