[jdev] XEP-0100 and roster/legacy contact list sync

Massimiliano Mirra iolgzc102 at sneakemail.com
Tue Dec 4 09:03:57 CST 2007

> > Obviously this means that 1) roster retrieval is delayed by login to
> > remote services, 2) server can only brute-query local transports,
> > unless it inspects user's roster and finds the transports via disco
> > (my implementation hasn't).  My use case is very ad-hoc and limited,
> > so this limitations are acceptable.
> You can bypass 1) if your server sends the internal roster ASAP, and
> then forwards the external gateway roster as roster pushes.

Just beautiful.  This saves me from a potential coordination headache
(suspending delivery of roster result before *several* transports have
returned their share of the roster... yuck).


Massimiliano Mirra

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