[jdev] XEP-0100 and roster/legacy contact list sync

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Tue Dec 4 21:45:18 CST 2007

Richard Dobson wrote:
> Tomasz Sterna wrote:
>> So this is basically the same idea I got and proposed here:
>> http://jabberd2.xiaoka.com/wiki/ComponentProtocol#Enchancements ?
> Almost, mine isn't tied to the component protocol, its just a normal
> thing that works over S2S links as well as internally within the server,
> its hardly revolutionary though, its just reusing things we already have
> for a wider variety of uses.

Except that how do you know someone is not trying to poison your roster?
We talk about this in both RFC 3921 and rfc3921bis. For example you can
find the following text at


A ROSTER SET is an IQ stanza of type "set" sent from client to server
and containing a <query/> element qualified by the 'jabber:iq:roster'

The following rules apply to roster sets:

   1. The <query/> element MUST contain one and only one <item/> element.
   2. A receiving server MUST ignore any value of the 'subscription'
attribute other than "remove" (see Section 2.1.6 (Subscription Attribute)).
   3. A receiving server MUST ignore any 'to' address specified on the
IQ stanza and MUST handle the IQ stanza as if it included no 'to' attribute.



Peter Saint-Andre

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