[jdev] XEP-0100 and roster/legacy contact list sync

Massimiliano Mirra iolgzc102 at sneakemail.com
Tue Dec 4 22:44:00 CST 2007

> > I thought such forwarding of roster actions to be somewhat innovative,
> > but of course it turns out it's been already described and in a better
> > way: http://antecipate.blogspot.com/2006/06/roster-remoting.html
> >
> > I'm curious as to whether this has been considered by transport and
> > server authors.  The fact that it's transparent to the client looks
> > attractive.
> I like that this is:
> 1. transparent to the client
> 2. a matter for the server and transport
> We might want to write this up in a spec at some point, for example to
> document some of the error handling (what if the user is not registered
> with the gateway, etc.).

I ended up having component and server converse in XMPP despite them
being in the same process space (seems more elegant), but as I said it
was a pretty limited scenario and there wereg no trust concerns.  But
while writing it I started wondering how it would work in the real
world.  A server would either have to intercept <query
xmlns='jabber:iq:register'/> to transports and deduce trust, or look
for <item jid={transport} subscription='both'/> in the user's roster,
and in both cases I can imagine disco/info packets going out to
possibly many uninterested parties to ascertain whether they're
transports or not.  Maybe there's a sane way around the corner but I
can't see one at the moment.


Massimiliano Mirra

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