[jdev] Google to Connect to Other IM Networks Using Jabber Transports?

Tomasz Sterna tomek at xiaoka.com
Thu Dec 6 02:57:54 CST 2007

On Śr, 2007-12-05 at 18:56 -0800, Justin Karneges wrote:
> According to the article, AIM connectivity presumably only works through the 
> gmail web interface.  I predict this will eventually work via the Google Talk 
> desktop client.  We can *hope* that this would be implemented (or eventually 
> be implemented) using a Jabber-transport mechanism, so that non-Google Talk 
> clients connecting to the Google Talk network can use AIM.  I suspect that 
> we'll never see a publically accessible transport though.  You'd probably 
> always need a Google Talk account to access AIM.

The jabber-transport approach is not much appealing (and never was).
You still need to have AIM account to talk to AIM people.
Same for every other legacy IM network.

There isn't really much difference wether the legacy network client is a
separate application, built-in into the Jabber desktop client or Jabber
web client (the multicommunicator approach) or installed on server as a
transport and remote controlled using XMPP protocol.

This is not iteroperability, nor interconnectivity. These is just two,
not connected endpoints laying near, but still no connections between

The real breakthrough would be if AOL (or ICQ, or MSN, or ...) would map
their accounts into XMPP address space and opened S2S connection
@aim.com to become a member of our federation...

But for now... I see nothing much exciting, that new web-based
multicommunicator appeared. Meebo and similiars are much more

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