[jdev] system/network monitoring with xmpp

Patrick Logan patrickdlogan at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 18:22:47 CST 2007

*Moderator:* I'm guessing about the line between appropriate email
lists to use for this question. At first I interpreted jdev to be
about the development of jabber servers per se, and not about
developing various clients of jabber. And so I tried juser as a
question about this specific use of any jabber server. Anyway... if
you have a hint about which list if any is good for this question...

I'm having a little difficulty searching for information about using
xmpp to monitor systems. I found a few older references, e.g. openIT
seems to be in llimbo somewhere. Otherwise the search results also
include a lot of hits about monitoring an xmpp installation per se,
and using xmpp as an IM interface to a non-xmpp-based monitoring

Does anyone have references, ideas, on the topic itself?

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