[jdev] pub/sub and multi-user chat

Patrick Logan patrickdlogan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 17:54:45 CST 2007

Yeah, that's what I meant, bots talking to each other mostly and
occasionally people. Thanks

> I don't know what system-to-system network means, but the most fun
> use case I ever did with MUC was as an anti-spam tool.
> We had bots, one on each incoming mail server, and they analyzed the
> mails coming in and the source IPs. When we detected a spammer IP
> address, the bot would shout it in a chat room, and all the others
> would block that IP.
> the interesting part is that any sysadmin could enter the room and
> see what was going on, ask the bots to unblock an IP or ask them to
> block another one.

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