[jdev] examples of apps that use XMPP internally?

Cashman Andrus cashman at candyspark.com
Sat Dec 15 15:19:00 CST 2007

I'm in the process of designing a system for syncing between mobile devices,
PCs and the Internet, and I've been investigating XMPP as a component of
that.  In particular, I'm looking at putting an XMPP client on the mobile
device which would handle data transfer with the rest of the system.  The
messages passed would be bits of data to be synced, nothing human readable.

It seems clear that XMPP has facilities to work in this role, for example
XEP-0009 (XML-RPC).  What I'm wondering about is this: are there examples of
applications that use XMPP to transfer their own data around, but which
aren't IM or other social systems?

In my brief searches so far, I haven't found any myself, which makes me
think I'm searching for the wrong terms...

Thanks for your time!


Cashman Andrus
Candyspark: mobile - desktop sync for the internet age
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