[jdev] examples of apps that use XMPP internally?

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at ag-software.de
Sat Dec 15 15:48:37 CST 2007

Cashman Andrus schrieb:
> It seems clear that XMPP has facilities to work in this role, for 
> example XEP-0009 (XML-RPC).  What I'm wondering about is this: are there 
> examples of applications that use XMPP to transfer their own data 
> around, but which aren't IM or other social systems?
> In my brief searches so far, I haven't found any myself, which makes me 
> think I'm searching for the wrong terms...

there are many companies who use XMPP in their applications, also for 
data synchronization. Many of them see XMPP as the hidden technology 
which gives them a competitive advantage. So they don't like to talk 
about it in the public.


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