[jdev] examples of apps that use XMPP internally?

Cashman Andrus cashman at candyspark.com
Tue Dec 18 10:51:10 CST 2007

Massimiliano Mirra <iolgzc102 <at> sneakemail.com> writes:
> This comes to mind: http://www.dehora.net/journal/2006/05/loopback.html
> IIRC Rich Kilmer wrote the jabber4r library for that application
> specifically. (I later wrote jabber4r-rpc but never used it for
> anything serious.)

Thanks for that pointer.  This is indeed, the sort of use of XMPP that I knew 
must exist but hadn't been able to find.

I noticed particularly this quote at the end of the linked blog post, which 
puts into words something that I've been pondering as I start to learn about 
this stuff:

"Using XMPP today for this kind of work, is about at about the same level of
awareness as using HTTP for system integration was 8 years ago. XMPP might
become a de-facto enterprise integration technology in or around the end of this
decade, just like HTTP did at the beginning of the decade. Even as far as
syndication technology will take you (and that's probably further than many
people expected), the Web is not ideal as an event backbone. Whereas with XMPP
and HTTP used side by side, most if not all of the interchange and integration
use cases are covered off. And Atom is the interchange format that will let you
carry data across both networks."

To those of you who've been doing this for a while: do you agree?



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