[jdev] Jabber Live meeting?

Andre-John Mas ajmas at sympatico.ca
Wed Dec 19 17:10:49 CST 2007


I was sitting watching a presentation being controlled remotely via  
Windows Live Meeting
and this got me wondering as to an open-standard cross-platform  
solution. I was thinking
of ways of implementing it, supported protocols, etc.

One solution would be to allow the user to use whatever presentation  
software they want
and then support a limited set of file type, including PPT, PDF and  
SVG. Using jabber
someone could then use a similar approach of joining a group chat and  
authorising control
of the presentation and joining of the presentation for viewing. The  
rest would simply
be a set of simple set of control commands of the form: load, next,  
previous, first, last,
goto index, leave.

The idea is more on the concept side as the moment.

If Jabber already offers a specification that provides such  
functionality, even better. If
it doesn't I would be curious as to what you think.


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