[jdev] Re: XHTML-IM XEP implementation

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Thu Jan 4 15:20:21 CST 2007

On Thursday 04 January 2007 12:07 pm, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
> ya this looks nice.
> AS also Peter mentioned the problem will be the binary inline content if
> it's getting to big. Then receiving this message blocks your whole XMPP
> connection. For small inline content (small images) this will work fine.

This begs the question: what is too big?  Currently, we consider stanza size 
to be somewhat unbounded, as XMPP-Core imposes no size maximum.  But I 
believe we do need some mechanism for a stanza maximum size, otherwise XMPP 
software is prone to denial-of-service attacks.

However, email has no maximum size, and we probably have a great many XEPs 
assuming an unbounded size as well.  Thus, as soon as we apply a stanza size 
maximum (which, I'm prepared to argue, is 100% necessary), we may run into 
trouble with our existing protocols.

I think this is something we need to discuss.


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