[jdev] xmpp library for java

aliban at gmx.net aliban at gmx.net
Fri Jan 5 07:26:41 CST 2007

Hello there,

I am looking for a Java library with a flexible API to manage a xmpp session.

I already looked at "smack" however after I examined the code as I could not find the proper functionality I need I found this library to be ... somehow string-based :/

I need a library that can do the following tasks:

1. Create and analyze packages (in example iq, message...) in a DOM-like way: that means I want the possibility to create and analyse the complete "root" (iq, message, presence) elements and all the child-elements, namespaces, properties myself. 

2. I can directly write to the output stream (send binary data through socket ) to the the server.

P.s. 2. is optional; very important is 1.!!

Thanks you for the quick help plz.

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