[jdev] how to program a jabber game server

Denis Guillaume guillaume_denis at yahoo.fr
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I don't know if we've got to move to another list or a private discussion to continue this thread ?

Richard, I am working on a timed turn-based strategy game, with several players. You're talking about server components, I guess that this is more time
consuming to learn this technology than learning to program bots in php
:p ?

Michal, I guess what you call the game layer is a protocol independent from its processing (whether by a server component or by a bot ?). What I need for the project I am working on is :
- game tables initialisation with specific rules parameters ;
- timed game actions performed by the players ;
- game state messages (score evolution, win, etc.) and timed game events processed by the server ;
- chat.
Do you want me to detail these ?

Maybe a reusable solution for other games could be a server component handling the game sessions you described Michal, and bots processing the specific mechanics of a given game...


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> Seems like it would be nice to resurrect the idea of game layer. May I
> suggest to write down what people want from the protocol to accomplish
> before starting thinking about it (be it me or someone else). This seems
> to lead to a situation where each client and server supports one game
> and if you want to play something else, you need to use different server.
> Thought such discussion should happen on JIG probably.
> With regards

Well what I am implementing is basically a simplification of the game 
layer idea, personally id rather get something working before coming 
back to discuss it to avoid any arguments or misunderstandings on how to 
do it, id rather have a proof of concept so people can see something 



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