[jdev] XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities

Pedro Melo melo at co.sapo.pt
Sun Jul 1 09:29:32 CDT 2007


On Jun 30, 2007, at 4:55 PM, Andreas Monitzer wrote:

> On Jun 30, 2007, at 16:26, Norman Rasmussen wrote:
>> Or you can do what was suggested in the list (don't know if it is
>> mentioned in the spec): cache the information about {client_name,
>> client_version} => caps* only after you receive the exact same
>> information from 5 or 6 different JIDs.
>> The roster is assumed to be for people you trust.
>> The cache should probably only cache after the same info is  
>> received from 5 or 6 different domains.
>>  - Transports can pollute the cache easily because they often have  
>> well in excess of 20 contacts subscribed
>>  - Corporate installations probably only have one or two domains,  
>> but they probably won't suffer from the lack of caching either.
> All these complications (my guess is that it doubles the amount of  
> code and storage requirements) for a workaround that doesn't fix  
> the underlying issue at all, and even violates the current XEP?
> I'd quote the exact sentence, but xmpp.org is down right now. I'm  
> pretty sure that the client MUST not get the data from another node  
> when it already got it once.

There is a proposal in the std list by Joe Hildebrand that should  
solve most of the problems reported.

See: http://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2007-June/015739.html  
and follow up emails.

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