[jdev] Re: Blocked users

Alexandre alexandrepires2007 at yahoo.com.br
Tue Jul 3 17:17:44 CDT 2007

Well, i made a client to gtalk, and i dont know how to get the list of 
blocked users.

I tried this:

<iq type='get' id='blocklist1'>
  <blocklist xmlns='urn:xmpp:blocking'/>

but the server returned an error:

<iq type="error" id="blocklist1" to="teste10000 at gmail.com/D61ED721">

Somebody knows how to do this?

Thx for some help
"Alexandre" <alexandrepires2007 at yahoo.com.br> wrote in message 
news:f6cpp2$nv0$1 at sea.gmane.org...
> Hi guys,
> How to list the blocked users in jabber protocol ?

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