[jdev] Re: Re: Blocked users

Alexandre alexandrepires2007 at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jul 4 13:31:11 CDT 2007

Thanks guys, but how to log the messages sent by the google talk ? Do you 
know some program to do this ?

"Remko Tronçon" <remko at el-tramo.be> wrote in message 
news:133fd4c60707040612w751df0dem7c8842c251e5d383 at mail.gmail.com...
>> Well, i made a client to gtalk, and i dont know how to get the list of
>> blocked users.
> The Google Talk service doesn't use a standard protocol for blocking
> users (yet). If you want your client to be able to show/edit the list
> of blocked users on google talk servers, you will have to log the
> messages sent by the Google Talk client and copy those.
> cheers,
> Remko

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