[jdev] jabberd2 coponent protocol proposed extension

Artur Hefczyc ajdev at tigase.org
Sat Jul 21 05:03:52 CDT 2007

On Saturday 21 July 2007 10:53, Tomasz Sterna wrote:
> Dnia 21-07-2007, sob o godzinie 10:12 +0100, Artur Hefczyc napisał(a):
> > As far as I know people from ejabberd and others work on extending
> > component protocol - XEP-0114. I think it is worth synchronizing efforts.
> The Old Component Protocol (XEP-0114) is very limiting compared to
> jabberd2 Component Protocol.
> It would be a step backwards to use the XEP-0114.
> In fact XEP-0114 is implemented as a superset of the jabberd2 Component
> Protocol in jabberd2 server with a thin conversion layer.
> > I am not sure if you are refering to XEP-0114
> No. I'm referring to jabberd2 component protocol.
> Please read component.shtml attached to
> http://jabberd2.xiaoka.com/wiki/ComponentProtocol
> > On top of functionality you described in your document I would also
> > add functionality for activating user session from external component.
> This is already defined in jabberd2 Component Protocol with <session/>
> packet and used extensively  by jabberd2 C2S component to activate
> sessions in the Session Manager once user logs in to C2S.

All this looks very interesting to me. I wonder if there are any other
Jabber/XMPP server using this.
I would be happy to replace XEP-0114 use in Tigase with this protocol.

What about making it "official" XEP?

Regarding the file:
It shows as HTML source with line numbers which is very inconvenient
to read. Any chance for publishing it as HTML page or make it available
for download as pure HTML page?

Artur Hefczyc

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