[jdev] FW: connecting to a jabber IM system

Artur Hefczyc ajdev at tigase.org
Fri Jul 27 15:48:20 CDT 2007

> On a slightly different note can a Jabber server accept email messages and
> then post them to a specific forum? This will solve my immediate requirement
> - which is to simply post messages from my application to the chat server -
> not receive them.  

Accepting email messages is not a standard functionality for the Jabber server.

But Tigase server offers very similar functionalities:
1. Read messages from given source (hard disk or database)
    and send them to selected group of users
2. Receive messages from selected group of users and
    distribute them to the group or save them to given location like
    hard disk , database or publish them on web page.

All this is available on the live service at: http://ww.tigase.org/
 - Minis from XMPP is a sample application where you can post messages
   from Jabber client to web page
 - Forums are integrated with Tigase Jabber server so any post to forum is
   automatically distributed to all subscribed Jabber users
 - There are also "groups" active where you can send a message to ditribute
   them to all subscribed users

If you need strictly interaction with e-mail service I guess it should be quite
easy to add e-mail as additional data source.

Artur Hefczyc

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