[jdev] XMPP client library for PHP?

Yves Goergen nospam.list at unclassified.de
Mon Jul 30 08:37:31 CDT 2007

On 25.07.2007 18:38 CE(S)T, Jonathan Dickinson wrote:
> Have you thought about interfacing with some C++ code? Surely PHP has
> some language interop?

No, I haven't. This introduces new dependencies on the platform,
security and what else. When I write a PHP application, it's because of
its portability and wide support on web servers. Mostly.

> By now I am sure you could even try getting PHP to talk
> to C#/.Net

That's even worse. Then I have the PHP runtime and the .NET runtime in
memory... I was going to look into ASP.NET or Mono on an Apache/Linux
server, but that's a different thing I guess.

> Try moving your project to ROR (which there are very good Jabber
> libraries for).

Ruby on Rails sounds interesting. I've seen a short demo video of it
some time ago. I don't know how widely it is supported on web hosting
servers. I haven't installed it yet on mine, nor do I speak that
language yet.

> Have you considered trying to fix code.blitzaffe.com's code?

I think I have looked at it when I stumbled upon that problem. Not sure
why I didn't fix it. Either because I had no time or no sufficient
understanding of the code. As I said, complex XML in PHP always looks
like random [array] noise to me. Maybe I'll get back to it if the
situation doesn't change noticeable.

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