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Zhangmingjie mjxlzhang at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 05:23:52 CDT 2007

my company is seting up a jabberd2 as im sysytem,my problem is "how to configure sm.xml to support two mysql driver",one mysql is support for authreg and roster,another mysql is support to vcard?
the standard sm.xml is,how to change it?
  <!-- Storage database configuration -->
    <!-- By default, we use the MySQL driver for all storage -->
    <!-- Its also possible to explicitly list alternate drivers for
         specific data types. -->
    <!-- Store vcards in a PostgreSQL database instead -->
    <driver type='vcard'>pgsql</driver>
    <!-- MySQL driver configuration -->
      <!-- Database server host and port -->
      <!-- Database name -->
      <!-- Database username and password -->
      <!-- Transacation support. If this is commented out, transactions
           will be disabled. This might make database accesses faster,
           but data may be lost if jabberd crashes.
           This will need to be disabled if you are using a MySQL
           earlier than v3.23.xx, as transaction support did not appear
           until this version. -->
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