[jdev] binding resources with jabberd 1.4 components

Mark Morgan makk384 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 11:43:47 CST 2007

Heya folks,

Is there any way for an external jabberd 1.4 component to bind to a
resource?  I'm running into a situation where this is required, but
hit a hurdle on this.  From some investigation, the jabber RFCs imply
that it's not possible, and XEP0193 seems to support this (though I'm
only trying to bind to a single resource, rather than multiple ones,
as mentioned in XEP0193).

If it makes a difference, I'm running ejabberd here.  I'd be very
interested to know if there are any implementations for XEP0193 for
that (no luck in finding one here on the ejabberd site).  The
component is written in Perl, using the POE::Component::Jabber

Take care,

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