[jdev] Re: Re: [jadmin] Problem building jabber-1.4.1

Matthias Wimmer m at tthias.eu
Tue Mar 13 02:48:01 CDT 2007

Hi Lars!

Lars Sommer schrieb:
> [root at localhost jabberd]# gdb jabberd
> blabla
> "/usr/local/jabber/jabberd-1.4.4/jabberd/jabberd": not in executable
> format: File format not recognized

So you still run the non-installed version of jabberd in your debugger! 
/usr/local/jabber/jabberd-1.4.4/jabberd/jabberd does not seem to be the 
installed executable of jabberd, but the file in your source directory.

I don't know where you have installed jabberd, but you have to run the 
installed file inside gdb. Either by leaving the directory where you 
compiled jabberd or by specifying the full path to jabberd. (BTW: I 
would not recommend having the local directory in root's PATH.)


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