[jdev] java library for jabber client development

aliban at gmx.net aliban at gmx.net
Wed May 2 01:21:31 CDT 2007

you may also contact me at JID: edrin at jabber.org. I am currently using 
JSO a lot, as there is no better lib I could find.

Eugeny N Dzhurinsky schrieb:
> Hello!
> Could somebody please suggest some jabber library for java, which is proven to
> work with gatweays? I tried SMACK - but seems like this library is unable to
> parse some IQ packets (in fact it was unable to recognize IQ packet sent after
> transport registration is completed), Feridian looks much better - but I'm
> fighting with  strange JiBX-related issues, for JSO (Jabber Stream Objects)
> there's lack of documentation, jabber wookie is something I can't even
> understand how it is supposed to work.
> Thanks in advance!

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