[jdev] RE: [Standards] Re: compliance levels for 2008

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Sat May 5 04:13:14 CDT 2007

On 5/5/07, Chris Mullins <chris.mullins at coversant.net> wrote:
> I've got a few issues that I think need being brought up:
> 1 - Avatars. It's a feature users expect, and a client without them
> can't even be considered a toy these days. None of these client specs
> talk about Avatars. This is something that needs to at least be in the
> Intermediate spec.

I vote for the basic PEP XEP and do not specifically require any of
the XEPs that require PEP (like User Avatar)

> 3 - VCards. Everyone expects VCards (especially Avatars and Friendly
> Names) in one form or another. This should be in the Basic Spec.

Same remark

> 4 - Bookmarks. This should be in the Intermediate Spec alongside MUC.

Not sure if this is needed

> 5 - XMPP IRI's. For example, if I have Exodus or Pandion running, and
> click on an XMPP IRI in FireFox, the behavior works (mostly) as I expect
> it to. This should be a required client feature for the Intermediate
> (Advanced? Complete?) Spec.


> 6 - We should require an XML Debug Window of some sort. Tie it to a
> standard Keystroke (Exodus, Pandion, and our new Communicator all use
> F12), so that it's practical to have a debug session with someone. This
> should be in the Basic Spec.

I don't think this is useful to require.

> 7 - We should require clients to support Start-TLS streams. This is an
> optional thing in the RFC, but clients really need to support it. This
> should be in the Basic Spec.


> 8 - Which MUC features do we want to require in the Intermediate spec?
> All of them? (Kick / Ban / Voice / Configure / History / 1:1->MUC,
> invites, etc) Or just the basic ones? I would say an intermediate client
> MUST support joining a room, chatting in a room, and responding to
> invites. I would continue to say that it's not required to be able to
> configure a room, or perform admin features in the room.

What about requiring all of them for strategic reasons? It'll make it
easier for people that want to convert from IRC to Jabber.

> I would also, for BASIC clients, require:
> - An Install and uninstall mechanism that works with the target O/S

I don't think this is useful to require (and btw: most Mac OS X
software does not an uninstaller, and on most open-source systems the
uninstall system is provided by the OS)

> - A means to quickly and easily report a bug against the client.

I don't think this should be in the spec. Also, how would you define
difficult terms like "quickly" and "easily"?

> I would include for Intermediate Clients:
> - A means to upgrade the client from one version to another.

Also should not be in this spec IMO.

> - File transfer. Come on guys! :)


Mvg, Sander Devrieze.

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