[jdev] identify whether an user is registered in gateway

Norman Rasmussen norman at rasmussen.co.za
Mon May 14 09:01:26 CDT 2007

You don't say if you mean the current jid, or any jid registered to the

If you mean the current jid, then send <query xmlns="jabber:iq:register"/>,
and if the resulting reply has <registered/> then the current user is
probably registered.

If you mean any jid, then unfortunately I don't think PyAIMt offers this
feature, have a look in the spool folder and see if a file exists for that


On 5/14/07, Eugeny N Dzhurinsky <bofh at redwerk.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> Could somebody please advice is there any way to find if an user is
> successfully registered in a gateway? As stated in xep-0030, I have to
> send
> <iq type='get'
>     from='shakespeare.lit'
>     to='juliet at capulet.com'
>     id='info2'>
>   <query xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info'/>
> </iq>
> and in result there will be
> <iq type='result'
>     from='juliet at capulet.com'
>     to='shakespeare.lit'
>     id='info2'>
>   <query xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/disco#info'>
>     <identity category='account' type='registered'/>
>   </query>
> </iq>
> But in my case if I send similar packet to PyAIM gateway, I will get back
> list
> of features supported by gateway instead of information if the account
> registered.
> Do I miss something?
> --
> Eugene N Dzhurinsky

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