[jdev] [OT] ejabberd problems with py-msn-t 0.11.2

Eugeny N Dzhurinsky bofh at redwerk.com
Tue May 22 05:50:04 CDT 2007


I'm running ejabberd 1.1.2 with pymsn transport 0.11.2 on FreeBSD 5.5.  For
some weird reason I can't send message to a user, msn always complains I need
to wait until transport finishes login, however the transport has status

The command line is:

/usr/local/bin/python2.4 /usr/local/lib/jabber/pymsn/PyMSNt.py -d -l /var/log/ejabberd/pymsn.log -p

but there is no log file in /var/log/ejabberd/pymsn.log and I can't have debug
output even with -D option

Could somebody please advice?

Eugene N Dzhurinsky

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