[jdev] Jabber 2.1 SVN win32 native Windows build with service support

Adam Strzelecki ono at java.pl
Tue May 22 14:24:07 CDT 2007


You may remember me, two years ago I've posted patches for jabberd 2.0
and Visual Studio 2003 .NET. Since then many things have change in the
jabberd2 code, and it has moved to SVN repository.

Please find following guide on how to use recent jabberd2 version on


I've made this port mainly because we are forced to stick to Windows
servers at my office, however we are willing to use internal Jabber/XMPP

This port was made with Visual Studio 2005 SP1.

I'm providing ready to use binaries with MySQL & SQLite support, as well
with native Windows NTLogon auth module.

All services also have win32 native service support. To install service
run i.e.: "router -I", or "router -U" to uninstall.

You will get "jabberd2router" (Jabber 2 Router) service installed.

By default it is installed for manual run.
All .xml config files will be read from the path the files reside.

You can also run them normally in command line.

I've already asked maintainers & developers of jabberd2 if it was
possible to add those patches to official SVN (CVS then). But the
discussion ended up with no result.

So now, if it is possible to apply those patches to SVN it would be
great, cause jabberd2 may gain many more Windows users, especially those
running Windows servers at their companies.

I've tested those changes, and they are non-invasive for other build
(autoconf based), so they are *NOT* changing behaviour of jabberd2 on
other platforms.

Most of the changes are JABBERD2_API defines and prefixing that is
required on win32 to build DLLs, since we really need to mark exported

Other changes are related to mio & WinSock and the fact that on Windows
socket file descriptors don't start from 1, but usually from 1xxx,
therefore "select" 1024 maximum descriptors is simply not enough.

Last changes are native service implementation at "util" & "jsignal.c".

Waiting for your remarks.

I'd gladly appreciate also if you could link somewhere at
http://jabberd2.xiaoka.com/ to my site, so all Windows users will have
opportunity to use this great server software on their platform.

Best regards,
Adam Strzelecki (also Miranda-IM developer)

P.S. If you will put those changes into SVN I'm willing to maintain all
MSVC related stuff at SVN as well. I may think also of producing some
Windows jabberd2 automated installer with NSIS, that will guide the
administrator on installing the jabberd2 server with specific options.
What do you think?

P.P.S. As I'm one of Miranda-IM developers I'm really fed up with all
those commercial protocols like ICQ, AIM, etc.. and I see that XMPP is
only change to push IM into the future, so may happen if we can
popularize OpenSource jabberd2 server also on Windows platforms.

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