[jdev] Google Talk Server Resource Determination ?

Cheng Ling gvc.lingcheng at gmail.com
Mon Nov 12 02:33:15 CST 2007

Hi, list:

I am working on a client based on libjingle. I wish my client always
can receive the incoming call even there are several other resources
logged in with the same account. It seems RAP(XEP-0168) solved the
problem. But based on my testing, Google talk server does not support
RAP now.

It relays text message to all resources, that is fine. But it seems
relay voice call based on the resources last message time stamp. In
this case, the resources receive the call in turn. It is too bad.

How to let one client based on libjingle always receive the incoming
call? Any suggestion is welcome!


Ling Cheng

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