[jdev] authenticate users / pending requests

victor victor at dnsee.com
Fri Nov 23 04:41:34 CST 2007


I'm in charge of developing a major portal for one of the leading TV  
companies in the world, and I would like to utilize Jabber for the  
"Friends" functionality and for messaging between the users.

We have been performing some tests, that have went well, but we are  
stuck on the point on verifying "friend requests".

Is it possible with the Jabber services, perhaps together with  
Roster, to have the functionality that is:

* When a user A want's to add user B as a friend, a request is sent  
to user B, and the request is set to pending.
* When user B, perhaps after some days, notices that there is a  
pending request, he or she decides to approve/reject it
* User A is added as a friend, and receives a message that this has  
happened, or the opposite.

Anyone that can point me towards a solution?

Kind regards,


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