[jdev] authenticate users / pending requests

Chris Schwarzfischer c.schwarzfischer at considion.com
Fri Nov 23 08:40:04 CST 2007

 From your perspective I'd recommend:
- have someone set up an XMPP server for you
- try out XMPP clients such as Psi or Gajim to see all the features  
they offer

Practically all features in Psi or Gajim are based on what the XMPP  
standard and its extensions can do. So simply check what you like and  
then implement it yourself (or buy someone's client software)


Am 23.11.2007 um 15:34 schrieb victor:

> Thanks all for all the input,
> As I'm the account/project manager for this project, I'm not doing  
> the actual implementation, but merely searching for information of  
> how to best realize this functionality.
> All the information is passed along to the software engineer working  
> on this functionality.
> If any other questions arises, I'll come back to this list, which  
> seems to work exceptionally well.
> Thanks all,
> /.victor

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