[jdev] Protecting IM From Big Brother

david.lyon at preisshare.net david.lyon at preisshare.net
Mon Nov 26 17:20:17 CST 2007

Hi Jesus,

Interesting topic... :-) who are they kidding ?

The long and short of it is that nothing you can short of setting up  
your own bunkers is going to keep your conversations private.

In my country, we have a non-spying agreement with our allies, but  
guess what, whilst we follow it, the bigger guys don't. They even brag  
about how they spy on people (my country).

All IMs end up going through the United States. Their government reads  
all traffic with powerful filtering computers.

Their computers are bigger and better than anything you can even dream up.

So no point in you even thinking you can hide anything.

It probably isn't that sinister, either. Unless you are unfortunate  
enough to get your country invaded. But that is unlikely to happen in  
your case.

Anyway, I just suggest you go back to work... and not worry about it.  
Cos there is little you can do.

Further reading, you can check www.governmentsecurity.org

Some interesting reading there...

Take care


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